Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Dear Mr. Fiance,
You. You're my world. You're my soul. My heart. My beauty. My sadness. My favorite thing about my self. Since the first day we meet, you have been there deepest in my heart, and I have known, known that you were the one. The one for me and the one I will always need. Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world, I am externally grateful for the support you give me everyday, everytime and every single day, and I promise to love you for the rest of my days, InshaAllah .

p/s : tetiba malam ni terjiwang pulakkk. adoihh. maaf ler yang menyampah baca entry ni. HAHAHAHA. aku pun pelik kenapa tetiba sweet macam ayaq teh ais kedai cik mah depan UUM ni. hmmmm. rindu kot. *muntah kapur*

ok. bye.
deknonnnn yang sakit gigi berlubang.


  1. serius suka baca cerita hampa. good luck :)

    1. hehe thank you :') tinggal la link blog, nantii kami jalan2 p blog hampa hehe :)